Our new three day event will be a chance for everyone to come together to share, debate and discover how to shape the sector. Future proof your board and your business by exploring the health landscape with top speakers from inside and outside the sector and engaging with like-mind people and organisations.

The event will be just like the annual conference you know and value, with live speakers, rooms for interactive debate and coffee breaks to catch up with colleagues – but streamed live to your browser.

So how does it work? You'll be able to drop in and out of the live sessions, explore the virtual expo booths to meet exhibitors and reach out to fellow attendees to connect and network.

Join us as we bring you all the unrivalled health content and networking you need right now.


This year's theme is 'reflect and recover', exploring the challenges of confronting the coronavirus pandemic and the impact it's had on the healthcare sector. We'll consider how we can improve patient and staff experience as we learn to live with a new normal.

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NHS Providers: we reflect and influence the state of the provider sector with our unparalleled contact with the sector. NHS Providers offers you the opportunity to communicate with its most influential leaders with a combined purchasing power of £84m and a sector responsible for one million staff.

The audience: more provider chairs and chief executives attend our annual conference and exhibition than any other in the healthcare calendar, with numbers increasing without a drop in seniority, year on year. Over 40% of delegates are chairs and chief executives, with 68% of delegates at director level or above, highlighting the seniority of our audience.

The timing: we are close to our members and know what their needs are. Our event is perfectly timed as we emerge from coronavirus and learn to reflect on what has happened.

The theme: exploring the challenges of confronting the coronavirus pandemic and the impact it's had on the healthcare sector. We'll consider how we can improve patient and staff experience as we learn to live with a new normal.

Incredible value: our 2020 conference programme is packed with opportunities to get your brand in front of the key decision makers and buyers in the health and care sector with a package to suit every budget.

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There will be plenty of opportunities to virtually meet with your peers and other senior health professionals in the sector at the annual conference and exhibition. You'll have the space you need to exchange ideas and discuss the content from the day with other delegates in our virtual coffee rooms and unpick key topics with speakers and colleagues on the discussion boards.

The virtual exhibition area gives you the chance to evaluate the latest health solutions and services and connect with new suppliers in the sector.

You can also network with fellow delegates before and during the conference by joining in with the conversation on twitter using #NHSP20.


The Provider showcase will still take place during our virtual annual conference. It's a chance to shine a light on the innovative and pioneering work of our members, recognising their successful contribution to healthcare. The showcase inspires delegates and allows trusts to share good practice with senior leaders from across the provider sector. Stay tuned for more information about how you can enter.


"A good opportunity to hear from key players who are shaping health and social care and provided a chance for networking with other trusts."
Chief Executive, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

"I have been to many conferences over the years and this is amongst the best I have been to. Great event."
Chair, Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"I really enjoyed the event and meeting a wide range of colleagues from across the NHS – it was great for networking and also for showcasing excellence in our work."
Head of workforce planning and recruitment, Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

"The conference gave good quality time to network and to think as well as learn from others."
Chief Operating Officer, Dorset County Hospital


Our dynamic programme will explore the keys issues that matter to you - giving you the opportunity to debate, discuss and share ideas with expert speakers from within the healthcare sector and beyond. We’ve created a flexible agenda to allow you to dip in and out of the content as it suits you. Follow #NHSP20 to be the first to hear when new sessions are announced.


Please note programme timings are subject to change.

Day 1 — full schedule

6 October, 09:00 - 16:40

Virtual hub opens – select your sessions, networking and exhibition viewing

Session 1 - Welcome and introduction

Samira Ahmed — Journalist and broadcaster

Session 2 - Plenary 1: Opening address

Chris Hopson — Chief Executive, NHS Providers

NHS Providers chief executive Chris Hopson opens the conference with reflections on the NHS response, NHS trusts’ achievements and learnings from the pandemic to date with a look ahead to the challenges winter may bring. 

Session 3 - Plenary 2: Panel discussion on inclusive leadership

Part of a series of NHS Providers’ work on tackling race inequality, this panel discussion will look at the steps boards can take to improve the diversity of their workforce and how to support a more inclusive future pipeline of NHS leaders.  

Session 4 - Exhibition viewing and networking

Roundtable sessions

Session 7 - Session to be announced
Session 8 - Roundtable with NHS Providers Connect partner Locum’s Nest

Breakout sessions

Session 9 - NHS heroes and the impact of COVID-19 - supporting our workforce after the pandemic

NHS staff have been rightly lauded by the public for their efforts throughout the pandemic. As we move away from the peak of demand for COVID-19 care, issues of burnout and attrition of current staff could lessen the positive impact of a wider surge of interest in healthcare careers. This session will focus on the impact of the COVID-19 response on staff health and wellbeing, including a look at how the NHS has sought to respond to rising concerns around the mental health of the workforce and reactions to trauma. It will also look at lessons learned for the NHS in protecting staff safety, with high profile issues around the speedy delivery of PPE, testing and risk assessments causing concern and limiting capacity for service delivery. We will consider to what extent the recognition of NHS staff throughout the pandemic, through clap for carers and the monitors of 'key workers' and 'NHS heroes', will help the workforce in the long-term.

Session 10 - Event partner session delivered by Newton. Session to be announced.

Session 11 - Exhibition viewing and networking

Roundtable sessions

Session 12 - Session to be announced
Session 13 - Session to be announced

Session 14 - Plenary 3: Session to be announced

Breakout sessions (for members, speakers, and staff only)

Session 15 - Strategic finances update

An opportunity to discuss the long term strategic financial challenges and opportunities presented by the coronavirus pandemic, including system working and new approaches to incentivisation and contracting.

Session 16 - In the eye of the storm

The pandemic has presented extraordinary challenges for people working in trust communications. Many have found themselves working under incredible pressure and facing severe scrutiny. In this session we’ll reflect on some of those high-profile situations, and the key role of comms in shaping and delivering a response.

Close of day 1

Day 2 — full schedule

7 October, 09:00 - 16:30

Virtual hub opens – select your sessions, networking and exhibition viewing

Breakfast sessions

Session 17 - Event partner session delivered by Newton
Session 18 - Session to be announced

Session 19 - Chair's welcome, introduction and recap from day 1

Samira Ahmed — Journalist and broadcaster

Session 20 - Plenary 4: In conversation with Prerana Issar, chief people officer, NHS Improvement

Prerana Issar — Chief People Officer, NHS Improvement

In conversation with Samira Ahmed, Prerana will talk about the interim People Plan and her ambitions for improving the culture within the NHS.  

Session 21 - Plenary 5: What does a new era of digital leadership mean for the provider sector?

The NHS response to COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation across health and care. Since then trust boards have placed digital at the heart of the restoration and recovery of services. In this session leaders from Health Education England and NHSX will speak alongside two trusts about the consequences of these new ways of working and how trust leaders can build strong digital leadership within their organisations.

Session 22 - Exhibition viewing and networking

Roundtable sessions

Session 25 - Session delivered by Hempsons. Covid-19 repercussions – a discussion on the legal liabilities and challenges arising from the pandemic
Session 26 - Session delivered by Earnd. Session to be announced.

Breakout sessions

Session 27 - Peer learning for board leaders: Sustaining the momentum made on the digital agenda during COVID-19

This highly interactive session will provide an opportunity for peer learning and reflection on the role digital played during the initial response to COVID-19 and how trust boards have since tried to build on this momentum. It will enable participants, and in particular chairs and chief executives, to take stock and consider:

-  What digital successes trusts have had during the pandemic response

-  What has changed to make this possible?

-  How has digital been used in the restoration and recovery of services since the peak of the crisis?

-  How can boards sustain these improvements and establish them as the new normal?


Session 28 - Session to be announced

Session 29 - Exhibition viewing and networking

Roundtable sessions

Session 30 - Session to be announced

Session 31 - Session to be announced

Session 32 - Plenary 6: Session to be announced

Breakout sessions (these sessions are for NHS Providers Members only)

Session 33 - Beneficial change: embedding COVID-19 innovations in the NHS

COVID-19 inevitably led to significant changes in how healthcare is delivered across the UK. Over the last few months, new and innovative ways of working have been rapidly developed across the NHS, but as we move into the next phase of the NHS' recovery from the pandemic, how can we ensure these beneficial changes to care are embedded in the health service so future patients benefit from them? This session will give you the opportunity to share examples of innovations and discuss how they can be retained in the longer term.

Session 34 - Assurance in the ‘new normal’

The COVID-19 pandemic presented NHS trust boards with unique governance challenges. This session will reflect on how one trust has managed the process of triangulation, challenge and assurance during COVID-19, and what assurance might look like in the ‘new normal’, as trusts return to providing normal services, prepare for future waves, and with social distancing in place.

Close of day two

Day 3 — full schedule

8 October, 09:00 - 16:20

Virtual hub opens – select your sessions, exhibition viewing and networking

Breakfast sessions

Session 35 - Session to be announced

Session 36 - Session to be announced 

Session 37 - Welcome, introduction and recap from day 1 and 2

Samira Ahmed — Journalist and broadcaster

Session 38 - Plenary 7: Keynote address from Simon Stevens, chief executive, NHS England and Improvement

Sir Simon Stevens — Chief Executive, NHS England and Improvement

Simon will reflect on learning from the pandemic and look ahead to the key challenges and opportunities facing the NHS in the months and years to come.

Session 39 - Plenary 8: The impact of COVID-19 on mental health

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted not just physical health but also the mental health of the workforce. This discussion will look at the impact of coronavirus on the mental health and wellbeing of staff. It will also explore the ongoing socio-economic impact of the pandemic and the likely shape of demand for mental health services in coming months.

Session 40 - Exhibition viewing and networking

Roundtable sessions

Session 43 - Session to be announced 

Session 44 - Session to be announced

Breakout sessions

Session 45 - Towards Integrated Care Systems: Exploring provider collaboration within the ‘system by default’ operating model 

NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE/I) have taken steps to move the ‘system by default’ operating model forward during the pandemic. The commitment for all systems to reach Integrated Care System status by April 2021 still stands, with the COVID-19 response accelerating collaboration between providers in some areas. This session will offer insights from NHSE/I about the next steps for ‘system by default’ and the national vision of the role of providers in systems, in the context of probable legislative changes next year. This session will also offer insights and learning from trusts that are collaborating effectively at system and place level.


Session 46 - Session to be announced

Session 47 - Exhibition viewing and networking

Roundtable sessions

Session 48 - Session to be announced 

Session 49 - Session to be announced 

Session 50 - Plenary 9: Session to be announced

Session 51 - Plenary 10: Keynote address from secretary of state for health and social care

The Rt Matt Hancock MP — Secretary of State, Department of Health and Social Care

In the first opportunity to hear a keynote address from the Secretary of State since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will hear directly from Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP about his reflections on the last few months, and his ambitions for the service moving forwards.

Session 52 - Round up and close of conference

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